Secrets of Summerland

Book Cover: Secrets of Summerland
Part of the Summerland series:

Summerland seems like the perfect place for Lucy Carson after her fiancé left her at the altar. She has a seaside cottage to herself, and now a job as a baker at the local coffee shop. She also has the attention of several unbelievably good looking local men who seem happy to share her time. If only it didn't feel...too good to be true.

When strangers start rolling into Summerland for the upcoming midsummer festival the secret that every resident kept at the tip of their tongue seems ready to be revealed. But when the festival turns strangely dark, Lucy's not sure she's ready to know after all. The truth is something too big and impossible to be believed.

Is it time to pack up and return to Providence where her ex, Greg, is waiting for her to come to her senses? Or are the benefits of Summerland, and the men she's met, worth the risk of staying?

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